Societal actors, organisations and associations

High-quality research also helps societal actors, organisations and associations improve their operations. Feedback gathered from customers, members and stakeholders tells you what works and what you should react to.

Ihmiset kävelevät ja istuvat kaupunkiympäristössä sisätiloissa.

How can we improve our community’s services? How successful have we been in achieving our goals? Should the content of our communications be developed? How well do our communications reach their target audience? How should we renew in order to retain existing members and acquire new ones?

Research brings solutions, knowledge and certainty! We will find out what needs to be improved and offer new perspectives. Research also increases members’ willingness to participate in activities and helps them understand future needs. Regular research allows you to react faster and respond better to changes in your operating environment.

We serve you in the following areas:

  • Member surveys and stakeholder surveys
  • Organisational studies
  • Image reputation surveys
  • Accessibility and effectiveness of communication
  • Impact studies