How we carry out research

Research is our passion, and we understand that you want to focus on yours. We will make research data work for you and help you lead with facts and intelligence instead of gut feelings.. We always design our research to provide the answers you need: our services range from in-depth interviews to A Thousand Finns study representing the entire population. We will provide you with insightful information that reaches far into the future.

Kuvassa on sinisellä taustalla valkoisia läpikuultavia kolmioita.

Customer experience development

Listening to customers and having an in-depth understanding of the customer journey help you develop successful products and services as well as efficient communication. We will help you find out how to further improve your customer experience.

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Nainen on ostoskeskuksessa ja nauraa silmät kiinni kaksi paperikassia kainaloissaan.

Brand management

The best brands appeal to emotions, but they need to managed based on insight and knowledge. In order for research data to become a decision-making tool, the relationship between a brand and its users must be truly understood. The development of the brand’s position and its attractiveness should also be monitored continuously.

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Nuori nainen kävelee vaateliikkeen näyteikkunan ohi ja katsoo kameraan punainen takki yllään ja musta lierihattu päässään, aikakauslehti kainalossa.


Each customer is different and has individual needs and motives. Therefore, the same approach do not work for everyone. When you know what your current and potential customers need, you can target marketing efficiently and develop customer relationships systematically.

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Isä ja tytär makaavat sängyllä ja heidän kasvoihinsa osuu aurinko.

Buying behaviour

We listen to your customers carefully and refine what we hear into concrete customer understanding – an effective tool for management.

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Mies seisoo pilvisenä päivänä hiekkarannalla selin katsojaan nähden ja katsoo majakkaa sininen pipo päässä ja punaiset verkkarit jalassa.

Product and service development

By developing new products and services together with your customers, you are most likely to achieve a successful outcome. We test your product or service, whether it is still just an idea or ready to launch. Testing can be done either as qualitative or quantitative studies, both online and face-to-face.

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Mies tutkii tuote- ja palvelukehityssuunnitelmaa seinätaululla selin katsojaan nähden

Media, advertising and communication

Marketing should work, right? Before you invest in marketing, you should make sure that certain basics are in order. High-quality research data helps your marketing investments bring results and minimises the risk of failure.

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Ulkomainos bussipysäkillä kaupungissa.

Societal actors, organisations and associations

High-quality research also helps societal actors, organisations and associations improve their operations. Feedback gathered from customers, members and stakeholders tells you what works and what you should react to.

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Ihmiset kävelevät ja istuvat kaupunkiympäristössä sisätiloissa.

Qualitative research

Our experienced and eager researchers are at your service! Qualitative research generates new ideas and insights that you might not have expected. We help marketers better understand their target groups.

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Mies on öisellä aavikolla ja seisoo valkoisen auton päällä osoittaen taskulampulla tähtitaivasta, josta erottuu linnunrata.

Data collection services

We conduct research interviews on behalf of our clients using all methods. The results of the study are delivered according to your wishes in the form of data, cross-tabulations, graphs or summary reports with the researcher’s conclusions.

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