Brand management

The best brands appeal to emotions, but they need to managed based on insight and knowledge. In order for research data to become a decision-making tool, the relationship between a brand and its users must be truly understood. The development of the brand’s position and its attractiveness should also be monitored continuously.

Nuori nainen kävelee vaateliikkeen näyteikkunan ohi ja katsoo kameraan punainen takki yllään ja musta lierihattu päässään, aikakauslehti kainalossa.

How good is our brand awareness? What are the competitive advantages at the core of our brand and are they relevant to our customers? How is our brand positioned in the market? Does our brand stand out from our competitors in a meaningful way for customers? How do we communicate effectively via different channels?

Whether you need a complete repositioning of your brand or just a small tweak, we will help you gain enough understanding to help you plan the right actions.

We serve you in the following areas:

  • Brand awareness survey
  • Brand tracking surveys
  • Brand image and preference survey
  • Brand positioning survey
  • Brand promise and identity testing
  • Marketing communications research