Media, advertising and communication

Marketing should work, right? Before you invest in marketing, you should make sure that certain basics are in order. High-quality research data helps your marketing investments bring results and minimises the risk of failure.

Ulkomainos bussipysäkillä kaupungissa.

How well do you know your target audience? What media and platforms do they use? Does the media offer content on the consumers’ terms on the platforms they use?

By basing your marketing efforts on reliable research data, you ensure the best results. Your ads then stand out and reach the desired target group in a way that gets the message through and appeals to the recipient.

We serve you in the following areas:

  • Media usage studies
  • Magazine reader surveys
  • Target group studies
  • Advertising pretesting
  • Media coverage measurement
  • Measuring the effectiveness of advertising
  • Post-campaign analysis